Scholarships and Special Awards

In every Expression edition the best dancers gain the opportunity to receive from the international Jury, Special Awards and Scholarship to attend courses and workshop in the best dance schools in Europe and around the world: Paris, Cannes, London, Dublin, Madrid, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Brussels, New York... these are just some examples where winners had the opportunity to study and grow.


Scholarships to study with the teachers from the Opéra national de Paris during the 42th International Dance Stage of Angers in July from 9th to 15th, provided by Daniel Agesilas


Special prize as guest with Malandain Ballet company in Biarritz for a week, the experience to live with dancers, take classes with them and watch the rehearsals, provided by Giuseppe Chiavaro   


Special Award: 
- for dance lessons and training internships 
- free entrance tickets for a show 
at Oriente Occidente Festival 2018 in Rovereto, provided by Lanfranco Cis


Special Award for being a guest of the Brumachon-Lamarche Company in July 2018, during the creation of a new project, in Paris, provided by Claude Brumachon


Scholarships Award:
- for 
summer intensive workshop (August 13th-17th 2018)

- for a professional dance program & an internship with the Junior Company  

 at Dance Areain Geneva provided by Marie Christine Maigret De Priches


Scholarships for a week to spend at the Dance School Studio Vibes in Bruxelles, provided by Jean Nunes


Scholarships for a week of lessons at the "Danza 180°" school in Madrid, provided by Isabel Arance


Scholarships Awards to attend the hip hop summer workshop "Retro Kings & Queens Intensive" at Asolo Dance Connection in May 25th, 26th, 27th 2018 in Dublin, provided by Jay Asolo



Special Award: the opportunity to perform during the “Impulsion End Year Show” in May 19th/20th 2018 with Impulsion Dancing School in Brussels, provided by Meya Bilal


Scholarships forsummer intensive at Tokyo The Academy in July 18th - 20th 2018 in Baton Rouge - Louisiana provided by Richard D'Alton


(Louisiana - USA)


Scholarships for Barcelona Dance Center 2018 Summer Intensive (June 25th - July 21st 2018) in Barcelona, provided by Richard D'Alton




Scholarships for Richard d'Alton 2018 Summer Intensive Belfast (July 26th, 27th, 28th 2018), provided by Richard D'Alton

(Nothern Ireland)


Scholarships for Spring Break Intensive 2018 at iRule Dance (March  12th-15th 2018) in Beaumont - Texasprovided by Richard D'Alton

(Texas - USA) 


Scholarships for Summer Intensive Stage 2018 (July 29th  - August 4th) at Dance Theatre USA at Ann Arbor - Michigan, provided by Richard D'Alton and by Naike Negretti

(Michigan, USA)


Scholarships for attending the international summer course organized by Russian Ballet Society at Malta (August from 4th to 18th 2018), provided by Tasha Bertram



Scholarships Awards for 10 free classes at Broadway Dance Center of New York, provided by Naike Negretti 



Scholarship Awards 3 days of classes (June 15th - 17th 2018) at Magic World Festival of Haskovo, provided by Naike Negretti 


 2018abu   Scholarships for 4 weeks of lessons at Institute of Dance Arts of Anton Bruckner Privatuniversitдt of Linz (Austria)  provided by Johannes Randolf.



Scholarships for free lessons at Campus Summer School by I.D.A. International Dance Association in Ravenna provided by Emanuela Tagliavia
and scholarships for Hip Hop classes held by I.D.A. International Dance Association in Ravenna provided by Ilenja Rossi


Gift bag and 50 voucher to spend online provided by IDS International Dance Supplies


Gift bag and 50 voucher to spend online provided by Dance Direct and Revolution Dancewear























Jury, Scholarships and Prizes

An international jury, scholarships for prestigious schools around the world and special prizes


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